Audiobook narrator

Bringing stories to life with my voice... my great passion as a voice artist. Accompanying the characters on their adventures, immersing myself in their emotional and mental world and taking the listener there with me vocally is a unique job that I do with all my heart. My repertoire also includes non-fiction and how-to books as an audio book narrator. Guiding the listener through the content in an entertaining way, but at the same time conveying the subject matter in full, requires special speaking skills.


So far, I have narrated a total of 24 audiobooks from the following genres:

  • Biographical non-fiction
  • Historical novel
  • Romance
  • Postapocalyptical novel
  • Thriller
  • Fact novel / Social novel
  • Fantasy
  • Guidebook / Self-Help

Are you an author not only looking for the perfect voice for your work, but also want to find someone to take care of the entire post-production and publishing process?


I can either take care of this together with my partners or produce and publish through my own publishing label "Seaside Studios".


Let's arrange a meeting so that I can get to know you and your book, answer all your questions and put together a suitable offer. Payment solutions include a once off fee as a narrator (per finished hour / pfh), royalty share options or a combination of both is also possible. Together we will find the best option for the production of your audiobook. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Audiobook samples