Professional Voice-Artist with own Studio

Voice-Actress for audio books, corporate videos, advertising & more

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The Studio


I produce and edit high-quality voice recordings in my own recording booth. My equipment includes the Rode NT1-A, with which I produce as standard, and the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.


Live directing is possible via Skype and Zoom with parallel recording of the original microphone signal on my PC and subsequent sending of the file or directly via Source Connect or similar solutions for remote recording. A camera in HD quality is available.


In 2023, I signed a studio contract with a major European publisher and also founded my own publishing label. I produce and distribute mainly audio books, podcasts and audio plays under my label "Seaside Studios" - with my voice, but also with other voices on request. From conception to mastering to distribution on all platforms for audio products.


And: I can also carry out productions in this recording studio near me.

Book my voice


I look forward to receiving inquiries by emailby phone or via the contact form to discuss all the details of the job and answer your questions personally.

I then prepare an offer. The prices are based on individual factors such as text length, genre, duration of use, scope of use and extras such as mastering.

I offer productions in my studio with or without a live directed session. The customer is welcome to be present when I record. I deliver the files promptly in the desired format.

If everyone involved is satisfied with the result, I will then issue the invoice. I receive payments on a German or Namibian bank account and via PayPal. I am a EU-tax payer with a German tax-ID.